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St. Augustine Wedding of Kaileigh and Matt

Kaileigh and Matt’s  St. Augustine Wedding

Kaileigh and Matt’s wedding was authentic, heartfelt and full of love. They put together a day where no detail was missed or overlooked. Every piece was personal, thoughtful, and focused on the things that really matter.


Both of their families were incredible and made us feel like we were just part of the family. It makes it really easy to see how Kaileigh & Matt turned out to be the kind of people that they are.

The best kind of people, who will  ”cut up” and laugh, welcome you into their lives, honestly love each other, and always make sure that every one around them is taken care of and are having the best time.

I can’t thank you enough for having us there with you on such an special day. It was truly an honor that Joel & I don’t take lightly.

Venue: St. Johns Golf and Country Club St. Augustine, FL -with wedding attendant Jessica    Flowers: Parker’s Events. Baker: Sweet Cakes   Entertainment: Generation Y Entertainment.    Beauty: Her Aunt Gina and cousin Alexandria.    Photo Booth: Photobooth Pixel

 Kaileigh & Matt chose St. Johns Golf and Country Club in St. Augustine, FL for the beautiful landscape and sunny skies.  Being from New York, they were excited for the abundance of sun that the south has to offer.


Kaileigh & Matt were married on a day that ranged from bright sunshine to full out rain.  But just like the two people I knew them to be, they smiled in the sunshine, and laughed at the rain. There was nothing that could ruin this day for them because no matter what, they were to become husband and wife!


She stood in a room with the women in her life, and love filled the room.


Oh swoon… Matt’s custom made suite, looking so sharp, my friend!

Grateful for the lovely light that cleared through the clouds and appeared for the stunning Kaileigh.  Such a beauty!

Love it!  Look at these beautiful girls showing off the wedding colors.

 He didn’t think about the rain, or think about the party they would have. He just focused on this moment right now.

When she looked at him, standing there, she knew this was the love of her life.

Family of love… with Kaileigh’s Grandfather officiating and her Aunt as a reader, love was all around.

They promised forever and there wasn’t a person there that couldn’t feel their love.

A Perfect St. Augustine Wedding!

 I couldn’t help thinking about all the things I love about them separately. But even more so, what I love about who they are. Together.

All of the personal details were woven through the entire day.

Standing at the edge of the dance floor, watching Kaitleigh and Matt pull off this amazing dance, I was as shocked and impressed as their friends and family.

 There are just no words for how much I adore these two and their families!

I can’t thank you enough for the honor of capturing your love story and for the gift of  your friendship. My hope is that you will love like this always!

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