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The most elegant, southern wedding in Savannah, GA


Laura & Roy had the most elegant, southern wedding in Savannah, Ga.

This wedding was a classic – filled of incredible style, a focus on family, and so much love.

They are such an amazing couple who just have a constant, bright light around them that fills up every room.

And because of that, the WHOLE day just felt so joyful and full of love.  It was an incredible day! Here are just a FEW of our faves!

 I loved every detail of this wedding; from Laura’s incredible gown with detachable floral overlay/ skirt to Roy’s dress blues, covered in metals and honors.

Isle of Hope Methodist Church

 Laura and Roy’s ceremony was in the exact church where Laura’s grandfather was the minster for many years.

Romantic bouquet by the talented Annette Jones.Ooohhh… this moment…. hearts are racing!

Laura & Roy were introduced by mutual friends and though it took a few months to meet in person, it wasn’t long until they realized they were inseparable!

So lovely!Very handsome!We are Family!A 1st dance to remember! The music montage of “MoonRiver” that slowly turned in “Rocky Top” was played by very own Grandmother.  Oh it was so sweet and fun!Dad’s loving speech had everyone smiling.Uhmm… yes, that’s a Molly Stone Cake and yes, it was delicious!

You are kind and grateful and absolutely so much fun! Most of all, y’all have a light inside of you that is bright that everyone sees. Joel & I will be forever grateful that we got to be there for your day.

So much love,


* in case I haven’t said it recently, I’m also grateful to have my amazing husband, Joel, there to help.  I couldn’t do it without his loving support.

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